This section contains videos and slide tutorials on using Zoom features to teach online.

(NOTE: To view a slide show, click on the title of the slide show. The presentation will begin. To move to the next slide, use the forward arrow on your keyboard, or click on the right side. of the slide. The audio icon on a slideshow indicates it has been narrated. The narration is for each slide and starts when you click the slide. Not all the slides are narrated.


1. TUTORIALS ABOUT YOUR CLASS FOLDER (Click the links to see the narrated slides or video)

  • How can I find my OSHER class folder? Shortly before a term begins, the Osher office sends every Study Leader a Google Drive link to his/her class folder. If you misplace the link, this video shows you how to get to your folder. 

  • Uploading documents to your class folder. Watch this slideshow to see how easy it is.

  • Class recordings. Most Osher classes are recorded. Click on the link given in your welcome letter. Watch this slideshow if you’re not sure where to find your welcome letter. HINT- it’s in your class folder!


  • Update Zoom. Zoom updates occur frequently. Be sure you have the latest changes by updating your Zoom App monthly. This slideshow tells you how.

  • Locate the Zoom tools you will be using. Microphones, video cameras, speaker and gallery view, accessing the participants window and the chat. Watch this slideshow to see where these most-used Zoom tools are located on an iPad and a laptop.

  • Use your device as a second camera. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a document camera to show pages from a book; to conduct demonstrations in a cooking class; or illustrate painting techniques in an art class. Watch the slideshow and video at the end to learn more.

  • Review the Sharing Screen feature for class discussion. Whether you are using slides, showing a YouTube video, or sharing a document, you need to master the Zoom Screen Share function. This video illustrates how to manage this important feature, including how to stop and restart it for a class discussion. 

  • Split teacher’s computer screen to see everything. As study leaders, most of us teach on Zoom with only one computer screen, so it makes it difficult to see all the different windows. Learn how to drag your Zoom window to one side, your presentation to the other side and see your chat and participants if you want. Watch the slideshow.

  • What should I do just before my Zoom class? The most important moments of a smooth zoom class are the fifteen minutes before class starts. This is when you clean off your computer desktop, open your presentation and test out screen share. Here’s how.

  • How should I set up a Youtube video before class? Now that you know the important moments of a smooth zoom class are the 15 minutes before, if you are going to show a YouTube video, here are some extra steps you should consider taking. This video has audio built in to each slide. Just click on the speaker image to hear the audio for each slide.

3.  A Navigation Checklist to use prior to launching/flying a course



SPLIT SCREEN for an iPad: Split my iPad screen into two sides. As a participant, my iPad screen is too small to see all the participants and the presentation. How can I split the screen into two? Watch the slideshow to see how it’s done.

INTRO TO ZOOM TOOLS for iPad and Laptop: Mics, Video cams, Participants window and Chat on iPad and laptop. Watch this quick slideshow to see where your four often-used Zoom tools are on the iPad and the laptop

RAISE YOUR DIGITAL HAND: Is your digital hand too pale to see? Sometimes when you raise your digital hand and you have a bright window behind you it is hard to see your hand. If you have a pale colored hand it’s even more difficult to see. Learn how to change the color of your raised hand. Watch the slideshow.




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